5 Adorable Home Decor Trends You Won’t Want To Miss This Easter!


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If you’ve been following me on Instagram lately, you will already know that, for the past few weeks, I have been in the grip of a bad dose of spring clean fever.

It usually takes hold to some degree around this time every year, but, this year, I was particularly frenetic, needing to give every visible surface a thorough Zoflora treatment, which would have to be repeated as soon as I came across a brand spanking new Zoflora scent! 😳

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Weekends should be filled with fun, like relaxing trips to picture-perfect nail bars such as my absolute current fave @wenaildit. 💞💅 . . There was no time for such luxuries this weekend though, as, for some inexplicable reason, I was suffering from a bad, bad case of spring clean fever! . . After a whirlwind of activity, I think I have managed to disinfect every visible surface in the house (thank you @lovezoflora! 💖👏), I can now just about make out the bottom of the laundry basket (if I squint really hard and if there even is such a thing! 😜), the playhouse at the bottom of the garden is less of a dump site and almost ready for the kids to play in again (@ikeauk to the rescue!), and, best of all, the garden no longer looks like Sleeping Beauty’s untamed forest. Phew… and yay!!! 💖💖💖 . . Monday morning goals? To book myself in for another manicure ASAP! Oh, and to head to @poundland to pick up the cutest pair of rubber gloves I can find because a newly discovered cleaning addiction is not at all compatible with a long-held perfectly manicured nail addiction! 😳😩 . . Anyone else suddenly hooked on cleaning this spring? 🤞I’m not alone in the crazy clean zone! 😜🙃☺️😘 . . #momblogger #momlife #spring #springcleaning #lovezoflora #manicure #stressrelief #wenaildit #hashtagsunglasses #ikea #poundland #weekendvibes #sundaythoughts #nearlymonday #myunicornlife

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While my latest cleaning frenzy might have mild (well, okay, major) OCD overtones, it is more likely that I have been heavily influenced by the multitude of “cleaning” accounts that have recently popped up all over Instagram.

From the hugely successful larger accounts (like @mrshinchhome) to the smaller  (yet equally addictive) accounts (like @sassy and clean), I just can’t get enough…

The cute cleaning products, the handy hints, those heavenly hacks…

Who knew that housework could be so satisfying, so therapeutic, so… glamorous, even?!


No respectable “Insta-home” can survive without the latest Zoflora scent 😊💓

If it’s a bandwagon, I’m well and truly on it, and I won’t be getting off it any time soon!

Closely linked to my passion for all things house lovely is the latest trend to heavily invest in Easter decorations.

Now, for the longest time, beyond the basic wreath, my Easter decoration collection was pretty lacklustre. After all, putting up the Christmas decorations can be one hell of an ordeal. Who needs to repeat that whole process just a few months later?!

Well, me, apparently! ☺️


The minimalist wreath – the sum total of my Easter decoration collection until recently

You see, over the years, I have made many trips to mainland Europe for work, study and to visit family, and have been impressed by the pretty displays on show, in Germany especially, at this time of year.

So, when the loveliest of Easter decorations began to appear in the shops on this side of the Channel, I just couldn’t resist starting a substantial collection of my very own…

To the point that it is hard to know what else I could possibly add to refresh the look each year…

Umm…, apart from real animals…

A decision that most likely would not end at all…

Well, for every bunny, oopsie, body concerned!

So back to the drawing board… ahem… shops we must go to figure out what is trending in the Easter decoration department this year…

No sooner said than done, my dear readers! And the results of my findings you will find neatly (it’s the OCD, I tell you!) laid out in five points below… 😊

1. Bunny print bunting


Up until now, I have always avoided any hanging decorations at Easter, as it is seriously treading on Christmas decoration territory.

But who could resist this too-cute-to-be-true bunny print banner from Waitrose?! The vibrant colours of the bunny prints that pop against the earthy hessian flag background… Those snow-white, powder puff bunny tails; the cloud-like softness of which is in such contrast to the coarseness of the hessian material.

Love, love, love it all! 💞

And, best of all, if you are in any way craftsy, you could quite easily, and cheaply, make up a very similar version at home, all by yourself… from scratch!


I know my children would love to help me attempt such a feat! 😬

One day… maybe! 🤞😉

2. Artificial grass table runners


These grass look table runners seem to be everywhere this Easter season, from Waitrose (£5 each) to Poundland ( £1 each).

And they were quite literally selling like hotcakes, simply flying off the shelves…

So much so that I was very lucky to get my mitts on the specimen from Poundland pictured above. 😅

Just perfect for a window display, or even, as a festive backdrop to all the traditional Easter Sunday fare.

Every bunny, oops, body will be suitably impressed! 😊🐰💖

3. Lindt-look bunny ornaments


For as far back as I can remember the Lindt chocolate gold bunny has been an Easter staple.

I even recall being unable to indulge in one of my earliest Lindt bunny acquisitions, as I couldn’t bear to destroy the perfection of its gold form! 😊

Luckily, there are now Lindt bunny-shaped ornaments available to buy everywhere, from TK Maxx to Poundland, so I can, at last, enjoy as many gold bunnies as my ww (Weight Watchers) diet plan will allow. (For more information on my weight loss journey, check out my latest post 😊 👉 3 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Break That Yo-Yo Diet Cycle!)


This furry faux grass-covered friend can be found in TK Maxx from around £6 💞

Meanwhile, this super cute ceramic gold bunny-shaped ornament can be found in Poundland and comes in pink, yellow, purple and blue!


So darn cute, just one will definitely not be enough! (Is one thing ever enough from Poundland?! 🤷‍♀️ 😩)

4. Shimmer


Now, this is not necessarily a brand new Easter trend, but all things (and eggs especially!) bright and sparkly are still going strong this year! 😍


Grab a pack of sparkly hanging egg decorations…


Or, switch it up with a pack of sparkly egg decorations on sticks like these…


Or, why not these from the ever wondrous Poundland?


Even the Easter decoration trees in Poundland this year are irresistibly shimmering.

Simply. Had. To. Have. It. All! 💖😊

5. Shine


Last, but by no means least, there is the super sweet ’n’ shiny light up egg decoration trend.

Admittedly, this trend (like the sparkly egg decoration trend above) is not unique to this season.

I got the oh-so-pretty set of Easter egg string lights pictured above and below from Sainsbury’s a couple of years ago.


But similar versions are available in Poundland and online. 😅

Who needs an Easter egg hunt when there are so many Easter decor treasures to find?!

Easter decorations instead of chocolate treats?

A step too far?

For the children, maybe!

But most definitely not for me! 😊👏🐰🐣🐥💖

Happy Easter (egg decoration hunting), everyone!

Until next time,

💋 Mostly Mum

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