The Only Summer Sandals We Need This Season


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Oh my! How excited am I about this latest blog instalment?! Not that I am ever really struggling to find inspiration for a blog post, as there are so many topics that I am genuinely, head-over-heels, passionate about – my only real struggle is to find the time and energy, outside of my full-time mummying duties, to get those overflowing ideas out of my head and onto a smart device near you!

But tonight, my dear readers, not even a deadly dose of post-bedtime routine exhaustion could dampen my enthusiasm for a blog post dedicated to… the slightly superficial, yet undeniably practical, topic of shoes… And not just any old shoes, but my semi-recent discovery of the shoes of the summer!

Now, my usual affair with summer sandals is summed up as follows…

Oh, yes, indeedy! As most of my prize collection of designer summer sandals (see introductory photo) are just too patently precious to ever wear outside of the bedroom – aside from those rare and very occasional special events such as graduations, weddings and christenings – Primark is my usual go-to store for a seasonal shoe refresh.

And a Primark shoe splurge is, as I’m sure many of you will agree, akin to a dizzying, electrifying, almost mind-altering sugar rush of epic proportions. So much choice that I usually won’t, don’t or can’t settle on one suitable style. I. Simply. Must. Have. Them. All!

And at an average affordable price point of £6 per pair, I can usually overindulge my sartorial senses to the extreme. 😮

But, like every sugar rush, after the intial, energizing sense of eurphoria, there is the inevitable comedown; that terrible low when you realize that a wardrobe so overflowing with new season shoes is actually, in real terms, beyond stressful. Too much choice equals total, paralyzing indecision, resulting in the vast bulk of that shiny new season collection never ever seeing the light of day. Oh, what a waste!

This year, however, will be decidedly different chez Mostly Mum. From now on, quality will be prioritized over quantity!

And this catastrophic change in my shoe buying habits is largely down to my relatively recent discovery of the, to my mind, gloriously gorgeous, geek-chic Salt-Water sandal…


Mother-daughter twinning is the only matching I will be concerning myself with this summer season. 👩‍👧


Durable and dressy! Was a more perfect kids’ sandal ever created?!

I am almost ashamed to admit that, before 2017, I was only vaguely aware of the existence of the classic all-American sandal that is affectionately referred to as the Salty.


Comfy and cool means I’m converted!

But, gradually, I was entirely won over, through my new found social media addiction (meaning exposure to Salty-devoted influencers like Cork-born, London-based, super stylish mum Eimear Varian Barry), family based in Australia (where Salties are huge with the ever trendy surfy crowd!) and countless Daily Mail articles on the subject since at least 2009 when the uber cool celebrity crowd and their children (think Brit model Alexa Chung and US actress Jessica Alba) fully embraced the flat sandal trend.

If a flat strappy sandal could make me feel as young and carefree as Alexa Chung (and/or a toddler!), I’m in!

Just look how cute and cool Irish influencer Eimear looks in her Original Tan Salties!

Paired with super long or short day dresses…

They simply exude comfortable chic!

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Remembering this warm day at this special ladies house last summer. Will always be in awe of you @joolsoliver ❤️ So thoughtful ,supportive and a brilliant mother of 5☺️ WELL!! It’s 4am and I’ve got up to make a bowl of porridge because whoever is inside me is telling me they need to be feed PRONTO. May as well stay up now because I can’t possibly go back to sleep with the excitement of *possibly* having a baby tomorrow! I was 4cm dilated when I went for my sweep today and felt nothing, which seems crazy because I was in so much pain at 4cm with Harper! The second sweep was for longer and so much more intense compared to the first🙉 But no contractions yet as the poor little thing just isn’t ready. They’re breaking my waters in the morning!

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And as for the Salty-short combo… Beyond divine! 💓

Ooh, and look how instagrammable they are with your Salty-adorned mini-me! 💗

Sadly, judging from the… ahem… salty comments sections of the numerous Salt-Water-sandal-dedicated Daily Mail articles, many people have been too scarred from their Clarks-sandal-clad childhoods to ever fairly consider a Salt-Water-sandal-wearing future.

“Vile, just vile… Almost as bad as “Crocs”.

Lou, Milton Keynes, June 2011 (

“I don’t care who’s wearing them. They are hideous and they look ridiculous in them.”

Katy Mitchell, London, June 2011 (

As late as last summer, the comments were equally scathing.

“Cute if you are aged 3-5”

Pom-pom, Space, July 2018 (

“Had a pair like this when I was 7 in the 70s… They can stay there in that time, thanks!”

IndianaJ16, London, July 2018 (


While I’m not generally one to swim against the tide, in this instance, I will have to… gulp… stick my daintily painted, Salty-enveloped toes above the fashion parapet because…

The people quoted above are all absolutely and categorically wrong!

Salt-Water sandals are simply adorable for 2-year-olds… and, yes, even, 42-year-olds alike!

All comments, including contradictory ones, are welcome below. 😊

Let’s continue that raging Daily Mail debate! 👏

Until next time,

💋 Mostly Mum

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