Boost your Self-Confidence in 3 Simple Steps!


Do you ever have those days when it’s all just too much?

You’re awake, but you simply can’t be bothered to unseal your eyelids.

Yet, the imposing light of the new day is an intrusive reminder of the burden of having to get up and put on a mask to face a world that you don’t feel entirely worthy of.

If you could bury your head under the duvet for the foreseeable future, you quite possibly would! 😴

But you can’t!

Because, you know, you’re an adult and adults tend to have certain responsibilities… 😸🐶👱‍♀️👧👶

So, despite the fact that, for whatever reason, you are not convinced that…

And, although, you, at that precise moment in time, categorically do not…

You must drag yourself out of the cosy confines of your bedroom and soldier on regardless. 😭

Or, must you?

When a bad dose of the ”I just don’t measure up” blues strikes, whether it’s down to a long-standing low self-esteem issue (hello, Irish ”everyone is better than me” syndrome!) or a particularly toxic, recent social media binge, is there anything concrete we can do to pull ourselves out of the funk? 🤔

Why, yes, of course!

Implement my three-step plan, outlined below, and you’ll be feeling on top of the world in no time at all!


1. Don’t skimp on the self-care

When we’re feeling under par, the absolute last thing we feel like doing is making anything that resembles an effort with our personal appearance.

However, make an effort we must, as to neglect ourselves at a time when we are feeling emotionally vulnerable only serves to reinforce the idea in our subconscious minds that we are simply not worthy of our place on this planet.

Therefore, it is an absolute must to shower (using the most luxurious gel in your possession! 😉), get dressed to impress and lash on that lipstick like there is no tomorrow.

You’ll feel all the better for it, I promise you! 😊

2. Turn “I can’t!” into “I can!”

It sounds like a well-worn, ”turn that frown upside down” type cliché.

Nonetheless, turning our ”I can’ts” into the opposite is a powerful exercise in positive affirmation when it feels like we’re drowning in a sea of negativity.


”I  can’t do X now, but I can learn how to do X in the future!”

”I can’t face the future; it’s all so overwhelming! But, I can face today, and everyday, one day at a time!”

Ingenious! 👏💞

3. Fake it till you make it

Confession time! I quite often grapple with serious self-confidence issues. 😬

Almost on a daily basis, and no matter what I have already achieved and continue to achieve (which is actually quite a lot if I ever take the time to weigh up my life successes against my life failures!), I struggle, practically to the point of paralysis, with a phenomenon that has become known as imposter syndrome.

In other words, I tend to see my successes as crazy flukes and my failures as well-deserved and expected.

And the antidote to this poison of the mind?

”Faking it until you’re making it”, of course!

You might very well feel like you’re about two inches high with absolutely nothing of any substance to offer the world.

But, that is not going to stop you from putting on a face (of makeup), putting your best foot forward (literally!), pasting a smile on your face and snapping a (much maligned) selfie to post on Instagram with a suitably bubbly caption.

Who’s to know your carefully curated snapshot is the direct inverse of your reality?

Shh! I won’t tell them if you don’t! 🙊

And, maybe before too long, the subconscious mind will get the memo and buy into the hype.

Well, at least, that’s the theory!

It’s a work in progress.

As ever, my dear readers, I’ll keep you posted!

To wake up each and every morning with a “good morning, world!” sense of joy and optimism… ☀️💕

The ultimate dream!

Now, if only I wasn’t such a morning grouch… (she writes in the dead of night! 🙇‍♀️🦉)


Until next time,

💋 Mostly Mum

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