4 Must-Buy Accessories To Totally Transform Your Look This Summer!


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Finally! It’s here, everyone!

The post I’ve been meaning to write for well over a week now, but between “mummying” and sheer and utter exhaustion from said “mummying”, I just haven’t been able to fit it in…

Until now!

And I’m so very excited because it combines two of my absolute favourite things in the whole world; writing and fashion, or, more specifically, fashionable accessories! 👏

Now, when it comes to fashion, accessories reign supreme for many reasons but mainly – and especially for someone like me who struggles on and off with weight issues (5 Real Ways To Reach Those Weight Loss Goals) – because, unlike clothes, they always fit.


Secondly, accessories have the power to revamp a wardrobe. In other words, they can, in the blink of an eye, transform an old outfit from stale to stunning.

And all without a fairy godmother in sight! Talk about magical! ✨😉

So, imagine my excitement when I discovered that accessories are huge this summer season.

Naturally, and despite my well-meaning attempts to curb a longstanding shopping habit (A Shopaholic’s Guide To… Saving Money!  ), I had to indulge. 😬

Just a little bit! 😊

So, without further ado, here are my four (pretty restrained given the sheer volume of choice! 👏) absolute must-invest accessories for this summer season!

1. The scarf hairband


The first of my latest accessory obsessions was quite literally a steal. My tween daughter convinced me to buy it for her on a recent trip to Accessorize.

But then one day…

I tried it on!

And she hasn’t seen it since.

Or even noticed it’s missing!

Do I feel guilty?

Just a tad! 😳

But look how fabulous my favourite Insta-celebs look in their versions of the scarf hairband.

Vogue is oh-so-pretty in pink, while Louise’s black hairband is just as adorable as her darling dog’s black,  fluffy ears! ❤️❤️❤️

So to answer that burning question…

Will my daughter ever get her leopard print scarf hairband back?

Er, no! Probably not!

I will, more than likely, have to buy her a replacement though, as she’s not a good sharer.

Not at all like her mum, in that respect! 😉

2. The cute clips


Next up, we have the too-cute-to-be-true pearl hair clips.

Now, these, unlike the scarf hairband, I have been eying up for… oh… quite a while.

But, considering the harsh, cold reality that I am not as young as I feel – (if you’re curious to find out more click Fabulous at Forty Plus?) – I was a little worried at first that these would make me look a little like an overgrown school girl.

A quick try on later and they were mine, all mine! 💖

And how chic ’n’ sweet do my fave Insta-people, beauty blogger Suzanne Jackson-O’Connor…

TV presenter Laura Whitmore…

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Being followed. Send help.

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And former Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson, look in their girly hair slides?!

I take it all back!

If these cute clips are anything to go by, you can be just as young as you feel! ☺️

At least until you get bored of them and plump for something else… a little more refined, perhaps! 💁‍♀️

3. The hair jewellery


This look is one of my perennial faves, dressed up, as in the pic above, with an LBD (Little Black Dress) and Chloé heels, for formal events such as weddings.

Equally, as Laura (featured below) proves, delicate hair jewellery adds a pretty flair to a casual day dress.

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Monaco 🚤

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Oh là là, indeed! 💕

And how sophisticated does Irish model Vogue look in her striking pearl version?!

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My lovely little family on a very special day ❤️

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Love, love, love it! ❤️❤️❤️

But the joy doesn’t stop there!

One evening, while the fam was engrossed in the latest episode of The Voice Kids, all I could see was pop star Pixie Lott’s glowingly golden,  Roman-inspired hairband.

So imagine my delight when I discovered an equally delectable one from (and I kid you not, people!) Poundland!


Who knew that a pound could stretch to gold?!

Okay, well, almost! 😬

I especially like how it creates a sleek, sophisticated look when paired with my latest eBay star find (a vintage Chanel brooch that I managed to pick up for just £15! 👏🥂).

Speaking of which…

4. The Chanel brooch


Yes, it’s big!

Yes, it bling!

And that is precisely why I just can’t get enough of this diamanté CC brooch (another eBay fab find! 😊), which stuns whether it’s dressed up or down.

An LBD, Chanel sunglasses, large diamanté brooch and Gucci trainers.

It shouldn’t work…


Yet, somehow, just somehow, it does!

And take a little peek at how ah-may-zing all the Insta-blogger peeps from around the world look in their versions.

Fun ’n’ flirty in Germany. ❤️


Adorable in America! 💕

And, then, when you consider that the addition of such a simple designer piece can utterly transform a run-of-the-mill, denim, Primark tote, there can be no resistance…

At least, not in shopping terms!  😬


But the icing on the cake is that it can double up as an ultra chic hair slide, as shown below.

And again, here, as modelled by this uber-chic German lifestyle and fashion blogger…

All those great girly Insta-vibes are making me feel a whole lot younger!

So, whatever you do, don’t pinch me, ’cause I really don’t want to wake up! ☺️

Happy shopping, everyone!

Until next time,

💋 Mostly Mum

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