The Ultimate Last-Minute Gift Guide for all the Family!


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As the days rapidly count down to Christmas, it is hard not to go into full-on panic mode…

So much to do!

So little time!

But where oh where to begin?

Now, in our pre-kid days, the Christmas shopping conundrum was a little easier to handle…

Simply, get the word out…

Round up the girl gang…

And bask in the beauty of the shopping experience…

Until you can shop no more…

Or, the money runs out.

Whichever comes first, really!

Post-kids, Christmas shopping is a whole different scenario.

It has to be done while they are not there (not always easy!), swiftly (not always possible!)…

Or things are likely to go very wrong and…

Ultimately end in tears (ours, not theirs!).

But, they have kinda, sorta been good…


And they deserve their annual treat!

(Strictly speaking, they have more than one treat a year, but who’s counting?! 😬🤫)


So, we have three options open to us:

1. Risk public humiliation.

(Not for the faint-hearted!)

2. Stay in and panic buy online.

(Not for the light of wallet!)

3. Consult a tried and tested gift guide (much like this one), and shop in the quiet confidence that whatever you try to buy will be easy to find, easy on your wallet and, best of all, a likely hit with all the family.

(Win, win, win!)

So, what are we waiting for?

Some relaxing music on in the background?

Check! 👍

Let’s dive in!

For babies

The cutest slogan baby vest you can find.


Adorable and practical, what’s not to love?! Amazon (links below) do a great range of these from around £6. ❤️❤️❤️

Similarly, great quality sleepwear is always a good option for babies too young to notice that their gift is more practical than playful.


Bonds, an Australian underwear brand, is one of my current favourites for high quality and well-fitting baby sleepwear. The colours and patterns are also to die for. Ooh and luckily for all of us none-Aussies out there, Amazon currently stock a good range from around £20. Yay! 👏

For toddlers

Toddler boys go crazy for these super cute VTech Toot Toot Drivers vehicles and accessories.


Hours of endless fun, and the pre-recorded songs and phrases are also great for early vocabulary building. This range is another great Amazon find, where prices start from around £8. 😍

Another firm toddler favourite is the all-singing, all-dancing robot from Fisher-Price.


This toy is great for the development of toddler coordination and early language skills. Also worth the investment if only to hear all those delicious toddler giggles as they do their very best to keep up with BeatBo’s dance moves.

Simply adorable! 💗

The BeatBo toy is also available in pink and is another great addition to your 
Amazon basket, where prices start at around £25.

For little girls

If your little girl is a fan of YouTube toy unboxing videos, she will most likely have heard about the latest Pikmi Pop Doughmi plush range.


Cute, scented, squishy and very huggable and lovable. A huge hit with little girls everywhere. Guaranteed!

Prices hover around the £20 mark! A definite hit with the bank of mum and dad, too! 😊


The Kindi Kids doll collection is along similar lines to the Pikmi Pop trend – deliciously food-inspired, cute and collectable. My little one is obsessed. Again, prices start at around £20.

For tweens and teenagers

Tween and teenage girls are notoriously difficult to please.

However, personal experience tells me that anything sweet scented…




Or reflective is generally gratefully received.

(Just don’t expect a great show of enthusiasm! That is strictly reserved for their peers!) 😉


Now, I can’t say that I have any great experience of tween or teenage boys (yet!), but from what I have observed of my friends’ kids, you can’t go too far wrong with anything Minecraft-related, or tech-related.

An iPad upgrade perhaps? Amazon’s prices for refurbished models start at around £150. 😉


For dads

Dads like their tween and teen male relatives tend to get excited about a new gadget or piece of tech. Easy-peasy if the budget allows you to stretch to new iPads all round…


Otherwise, a chic gift set, like this one from, should go down a treat… Here’s hoping! 🤞


For mums

Now, mums, unlike their tween and teenager daughters, are exceptionally easy to please. 😉

All it takes is a great face mask treat like this perfectly pink one, called Coco Wow, from HelloBody, a new Insta-worthy German beauty brand and she is deliriously happy! 😊

Ooh, and look at the pretty packaging… Call me a sucker, but if the box containing my miracle potion or lotion is talking to me and calling me ”Beauty”, I’m totally sold! 💓


Another brand which I recently discovered through the Insta beauty influencers is Pixi.

Again, everything from the packaging, to the complexion-enhancing claims of these super cute “skintreats”, to the results of those claims is a major win for me.

Since I started using the Glow Tonic on a daily basis my skin has never looked better. ❤️❤️❤️ For a more in-depth review, click 3 Great Reasons to Revamp that Skin Care Routine!


Individual Pixi products can be found on Amazon where prices start at around £10. Alternatively, if you would prefer a more substantial gift set, check out

For grandparents

This final gift suggestion is definitely a case of leaving the best till last.


In a rapidly changing technological world, it can be so difficult for the older generations to get to grips with all the latest devices.

Instead of them having to constantly adapt to an often confusing world of social media, Neveo devised the perfect solution where family members  can subscribe to an app that allows them to upload family pictures from their social media accounts and personal phone collections.

These pictures can then be captioned and at the end of each month are printed off as a photo book that is automatically sent out to all the preselected family members.


Hard copy social media content for social media-phobes and addicts alike!

And the phobes will never have to experience FOMO about “the Facebook” ever again!


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”Aargh! Noooo! Don’t touch!” ”Too late!” 🤦‍♀️ . . It’s just been one of those weekends… Every time I attempted to do something productive in the form of Christmas prep, my cheeky toddler was right there in the middle of it, doing his very best to break something. . . So far, we’re two glass baubles and one iPad screen down! But, at least, he didn’t manage to get his mischievous mitts on my precious @neveo_family_album. ❤️ And even if he had, it wouldn’t have mattered (too much!) because, as part of my subscription, my parents have their monthly album delivered directly to their door. Phew! 😊💌 . . If only it were so simple to keep destructive toddlers away from delicate Christmas decorations… and too-easy-to-smash electronic gadgets… 😐 🎁🎄 . . Try out an @neveo_family_album subscription [link in bio] using my code EDELCURRAN to receive your first album completely free! ❤️😘 . . #momblogger #nearlychristmas #christmasgiftideas #neveo #neveofamilyalbum #ad

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Perhaps, most impressive of all, the Neveo family album is even toddler proof!

Now there’s a feat! 👏🏻

Phew! That’s it, folks!

Christmas shopping is done and dusted for another year!


Now, for a well-deserved coffee break to celebrate…

We can only hope the reaction upon opening their presents will go something like this…

Well, aside from the tween/teenager, that is! 😐

… One and all!🎄🎁

Until next time,

💋 Mostly Mum

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