How to Become a Morning Person in 3 Easy Steps!


Ugh! Mornings!

I’m not a fan!

At. All!

But, then, who is?

Well, aside from my husband and kids, that is…

Or, maybe even, kids in general…

Or, morning people, that singular group of people whom I might never, ever come to understand and who don’t (if my husband is anything to go by) understand me, and my foibles.

”It’s because of my creative streak!” I desperately wail, as he quizzes me for the hundredth time (at least) about my morning… erm… issues.

A raised eyebrow, an admonishing frown is all it takes to make me feel ashamed of my morning affliction…

Why, oh why, can’t I manage to wake up like this…

Without needing to not have gone to bed at all?🤔

Why, oh why, do I struggle so to come to…

Each. And. Every. Day?!

Why, instead of springing out of bed, do I just want to lie back down, cover my head and…

Do all that I can to…

Even, once out of bed…

Walking (never mind dressing) is a horrendous battle.

And woe betide the one that dares to address me before I’ve had my first coffee of the day! 😳

Unfortunately, my ”creative streak” excuses are beginning to wear a little thin on the home front, so, this New Year my main resolution has been to join the Land of the Normies, once and for all.

will forsake my morning grouch ways of old and (somehow 😬)  unleash my inner morning lark.

As ever, my dear readers, I have devised a cute and cunning plan to enable me to do just that.

It goes as follows…

1. Prepare the night before

Now, one of my major obstacles to rising and shining each morning is the fact that there is just so darn much to do; open eyes, find way to bathroom, deal with screaming kids, get us all dressed, make lunches, find breakfast, find homework, find keys, find makeup (if I’m feeling extra energetic), find toddler, put toddler in buggy for the umpteenth time, stumble out of the door, stumble back in because we’ve forgotten gym kit, swim bag, money etc, finally get to school (at least five minutes late!).


Who on earth wants to spring out of bed for all that early morning stress?!

But, maybe, just maybe, if I take the time to plan ahead, to get clothes, lunches, homework, extracurricular accessories all ready the night before, the pre-school-run routine might just… ahem… run a little more smoothly.

Definitely worth a try, at least! 😁

2. Plan at least one fun activity each day

Now, who wants to get up to a never-ending list of have-tos?!

If our day’s schedule isn’t broken up by at least a few enjoyable activities it will be practically impossible to crawl out from beneath those cosy covers, especially on a dark, cold and frosty January morning.

As a little early morning wake-up incentive, plan to squeeze a lunchtime shopping trip or a baby’s nap time workout into your day…

Alternatively, treat yourself to at least one great coffee break at your favourite coffee shop…


Or, even at home!

Another daily mood booster is music!

Instead of being assaulted by a piercing alarm, why not wake up to a great piece of music that builds to an uplifting crescendo?

Yes, I am a Niall Horan (formerly a member of 1D) fan!

And no, I am not embarrassed, not even in the slightest! (He makes me so proud to be Irish! ❤️☘️)

Motivational music at its very best!

What better way to put that pep in your step?!

3. Allow extra time for mishaps

This final step to overcoming the morning grouch is quite possibly the most important one because no matter how prepared, how motivated you might be to start your day on the right foot, something will invariably go wrong and put a spanner in the entire works. 😐

The list of possible disasters is endless but could encompass alarm issues, makeup mishaps (lipstick on teeth, anyone? 🙋‍♀️), food spillages, multiple nappy changes, tantrums, tears, anything to do with toddlers and teens mostly.

Even an extra half hour can make all the difference between a cool, calm and collected you…

And the alternative… 😐

Nooooo! 😱

To top it all, an improved morning routine should also transform your entire working week.

That dreaded Monday feeling…

Could become that TGIF feeling instead!

Oh, yes!

Really! 🙃

Well, I still have to put it all to the test!

Give me a week, my dear readers, and I will check back in to let you all know how it goes.

Here’s hoping I can prove my sceptical husband wrong (he’s convinced I’ll never change! 😐). 🤞

Ooh, one more thing…

Could I  (pretty please🙏) start from the day after tomorrow? You see, I’ll be exhausted tomorrow morning on account of… erm… you know… all this content creation… 😁😬

Until next time, my dear readers,

💋 Mostly Mum


It’s been a little over a week and while I’m still not a ”yay-I-love-mornings” type of girl, things are definitely improving!

Yay… 😊

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  1. EW says:

    Looking forward to hearing about how you get on with the ‘morning person’ routine! I’m ready to try it!

    1. edelcurran says:

      Ha! Let’s motivate each other! 😁😉💕

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