Be more Productive with these Top Tips!


We all know the deal!

It’s a new day/week/year/decade.

We desperately want to be productive, to get things done, to feel like we’re really, truly getting somewhere, that we’re not running around in circles, chasing our metaphorical tails.


Somehow, we’re struggling…

We just can’t stop…


Putting things off…

Getting distracted…

And it’s beyond frustrating because those good intentions are there.

We are just overwhelmed by the enormity of it all.

We’re at the bottom of the mountain.

We can see that summit.

We want to reach it with one giant step.

But we know we can’t!

It’s just too great of a leap to take.

So we are paralyzed by indecision.

We get stuck at the bottom, terrified of stepping out of our comfort zone.

After all, so many things could derail us on our way to the top.

We are terrified of…


What could be worse than that?

How about not even trying in the first place?!

No goal can be accomplished without putting an action plan in place…

Without learning to walk before we can run…

Without taking baby steps until all those little achievements add up and it all comes together, just as it should.

So, when we have a goal to achieve, it is a good idea to first of all…

1. Make a list

Write down in order of priority all the steps that need to be taken to achieve your goal for that day/week/year.

Now, this is one I personally struggle with because list building tends to cause me anxiety in an ”argh! Look at all the things I have to do!!” kind of way.

Many people, on the other hand, feel that this strategy clears their mind and gives them an emotional boost as they cross each and every item off their almighty to-do list.

Whichever side of the list building fence you sit on, it is definitely worth a go, if only to achieve some mental clarity when you are feeling suffocated by ’the overwhem’! 😬

A word of caution, however:

Avoid using your phone or tablet when making that all-important list.


Well, if you’re prone to procrastination…🙋‍♀️

Obvious reasons! 😊

How easy is it to fall into this trap?!

Don’t do it, people!

You’ll only regret it later when you get that oh-so-helpful screen time notification…

Seven hours wasted on YouTube!  😱

Oh, yes, really! 😳

Old-fashioned pen and paper is the one and only way to go!


Ooh, and the prettier the stationery, the greater the incentive. 😉

2. Tackle the most difficult task first

Once that list is complete, resolve to start with the most difficult task.

If we can dive in at the deep end, so to speak, the vicious circle of procrastination will cease to exist, as, later, easier tasks will be less daunting to tackle.

In simple terms, less fear equals less procrastination!

And less procrastination means less inaction.

Result! 😁

3. Reward your efforts

Once you have felt the fear and jumped right into that first daunting task regardless, it is only right to reward yourself.

Two pounds lost in that first week of dieting!


How about splashing out on a new item of clothing or beauty product to cement that early success?!

£100 pounds shaved off that credit card debt!


How about taking some ’no-spend’ quality time out with your significant other?

A peaceful hike in the woods, or a cozy night-in to just chat and appreciate that first win on the road to success.

Pure and utter bliss!

Just don’t be tempted to overindulge because, before momentum is lost, you’ll need to quickly flick that switch back into…

In this way, each little success will build upon the earlier one until the summit of that metaphorical mountain is no longer hidden beneath the clouds.

It’s in plain sight!

It’s reachable!

Those first two pounds lost turn into two stone, or three, or even four, until you’re… back in the healthy BMI zone.

That first £100 off a niggling debt builds to £1,000, £2,000, £3,000 until you’re finally… back in black!


And all because you were able to kick the procrastination habit that had held you rooted to one spot for way too long! 🥂

Now, about that YouTube habit…

Should we gradually wean ourselves off it or go completely cold turkey?🤔


Maybe a topic for another day! 😊

Until next time, my dear readers,

💋 Mostly Mum

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