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Hands up!

I admit it!

I have always been more than a little fashion obsessed.

A few years ago (okay, more like a lifetime ago now!), when I worked in Paris as a fashion PR I truly felt like I was in heaven. 💞

The sights, the sounds, the glitz, the glam, I couldn’t get enough…

Indeed, so fashion obsessed have I been over the years that I have (embarrassingly), at times, bordered on… gasp… the fashion victim! 😱

Well, at least, I like to think that I have drawn the line at slavishly following every trend going. 🤔

And, for the most part, I do try to stick to a certain failsafe look that I call ”classic girly chic”.

However, on and off over the years, I have been… convinced, let’s say, by certain runway trends to step (quite literally) out of my sartorial comfort zone.

Now, for some reason, my greatest fashion deviations to date have been in the trainer/sneaker department.

You see, naturally, I’m not a trainer/sneaker kind of girl.

In general, they are just not me!

I’m not really tall enough, athletic enough, convincing enough when it comes to pulling off the trainer trend.

And nothing could really tempt me to change my mind…

Until… social media came along.

You see, unlike traditional magazines where the models and looks seem so perfect, so fantastical, so unobtainable, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest feature people that, for the most part, are just like you and me.

Heck, those people are you and me (as long as you’ve got a social media account)!

Suddenly, ordinary people (dare I say Influencers?) are tempting us to try trends that we might have been reluctant to adopt before the advent of social media.

Step forward exhibit #1: the Gucci Ace Embroidered trainer.

Contrasting against the all-black outfit they look so clean, so cute…

So unmistakably chic!

Similar snaps to the two featured above were all over Instagram and Pinterest last summer!

Despite my former reservations about all things trainer related, I was beginning to see the appeal of casual chic…

Then, one day, I couldn’t take it any more, I caved and combed eBay until I found these…


My very own Gucci ”It-trainers”!

Had I fallen into the abyss of fashion victimhood?

Who knew?

Who cared?

Certainly not me ’cause I was too busy craving the next ”It-trainer” on my Insta-inspired list…

Enter exhibit #2: the classic Converse trainer!

Admittedly, I had been a reluctant fan of these since my fashion PR days in Paris when the classic Converse, jean and Gucci shopper look was the uniform du jour of the average Parisian yummy mummy.

But, back then, I was still a student and didn’t really identify with the mummy crowd so Converse trainers didn’t happen to feature too high up on my wish list.

In the past year though, all that changed when Instagram struck again!

Pictures of Converse clad yummy mummies a little closer to my own age seemed to be all over the platform.

Suddenly, my biggest dilemma was not whether or not to follow the latest trainer trend but which colour to go for…


Hmm… Pink or…


I simply couldn’t decide, so both came home with me, naturally!

A decision I have never regretted to this day!😊

The only Insta-It trainer of the past year or so that I haven’t (as of yet) got around to investing in is exhibit #3: the Balenciaga.


In all honesty, it is only because I have been so distracted by exhibit #4: the Golden Goose.

Now, until about a month ago I had never heard of the Golden Goose brand.

It was only while perusing the latest celeb gossip on the sidebar of the Daily Mail news website that I stumbled across the following article,…

And, by default, through the comments section (because, let’s face it, most of us are only there for the comments! 🙋‍♀️) that I discovered the very latest It-trainer, the Golden Goose.

milly-molly, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

“She needs to buy some new suitcases by the looks of it! And with all her money looks like she needs new trainers too!”

LondonMumOfTwo, London, 1 month ago

“They’re golden goose and are meant to look like that. Not everything has to look brand new. More important things in life.”

Similar to the comment cited above by Milly-molly, the average Daily Mail reader was less than impressed with the Golden Goose trend, which could best be summed up as  designer dirty trainers.  (I swear that is an actual thing!) 😮

Think designer ripped jeans, Derek Zoolander’s ”derelicte” chic, the Emperor’s New Clothes…

Or all of the above combined.

And retailing at around £400, a pair of these kicks is almost as valuable as an actual golden Goose.

Al. Most! 😐

So, seriously, the chances of me being swayed by this, frankly ridiculous, trainer trend are negligible, virtually zero, zilch…

Despite the animal print…

Despite the sparkle…

Oh, no, I’m not falling for it…

Not me!

Not this time!

No, no, no!

But, how cool does that Insta-influencer look?! 💓

Oh, no! 😨

My favourite fashion blogger is totally rocking the Golden Goose look too! 💗

Ooh, and teamed with leopard print, pink and Louis Vuitton that look is…

Just so girly chic…

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It’s actually totally meeee! 💞

That’s it!

All resistance is futile!

Gotta go log on to eBay and/or Amazon…

Because though fashion victim I may be, a foolish Golden Goose I am absolutely not! 😉

Until next time, my dear readers,

💋 Mostly Mum

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  1. I love those Golden Goose shoes! So cute. I need a pair or two!

    1. edelcurran says:

      I know! They are fabulous! 😊💕

  2. I shouldn’t have looked at this post while I’m trying not to shop 🤦🏻‍♀️ I love the leopard print shoes!

    1. edelcurran says:

      Oh, no! I know that feeling only too well! 😊 Leopard print is always tough to resist! 😬💕

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