How to Stay Calm in a Crisis


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It’s official!

The entire world has gone into coronavirus crisis mode!

The numbers affected are escalating at a furious rate, entire countries are shutting down and people are stripping the supermarket shelves bare of… toilet paper, mostly!


And it is proving beyond difficult not to go into an all-out meltdown as a result.

But, if you’ve got kids, it really isn’t the best idea to fall down deep into the pit of despair…

As tempting as that might be!

Instead, the following course of action might be considered…

1. Don’t take the clickbait

Last night, I did something I hadn’t done in a very long time (and for very good reason)…

I clicked on some lurid, sensationalist coronavirus/we’re all finished-style articles from the Daily Mail.

I just couldn’t help myself…

Those scaremongering headlines were teasing, taunting until I caved!

But, boy, did I regret it!

Instead of informing me about a matter of serious concern, those articles quite simply worked to ramp up the fear factor and land me – with a crash, bang, wallop – into a catastrophizing cesspit. 😮

Time. To. Step. Away. From. The. Internet!

Lesson learned…


2. Inhale some lavender 


There is nothing more soothing than the smell of freshly cut lavender.

If out of season, the lavender-scented version of Zoflora is a great alternative!

And it kills 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses too, which is a nice bonus…

Especially at this present time! 😬

3. Allot yourself a worry slot

A good way to pacify the panic instinct is to allocate a certain amount of time each day to worry and rumination.

You get to focus on all your fears, the worst-case scenarios and the possible solutions.

However, once the allocated time is up, you must shelve all those concerns until the appointed time of the following day.

A bizarre ritual?

Quite possibly!

An effective way to put the brakes on a racing mind?


4. Organize your belongings


When everything appears to be in a state of disarray and spiralling out of control, the organization of even a tiny portion of your possessions can be a great way to feel like you are clawing back some small element of that control.

And, so, with the help of some cute perspex containers from Primark, my makeup collection is finally tidy and accessible.

The days of buying new nail polishes – because my favourite one has gone missing, again – are finally behind me.

Phew! 😅


Home organization might seem like a tedious chore but, done properly, it can have a huge impact on your overall state of mind. 😊

5. Switch to classical music

3DF43BAD-E344-4191-A582-F204F6E75B2FNormally, my music of choice is Irish, pop and verging on deep.

Bands like Kodaline and The Script can offer the most profound insights into some of life’s most difficult struggles.

However, lately, I have also been dabbling in classical music listening, which is said to raise IQ levels, aid concentration and soothe a tortured mind.

And you know what?

It really does seem to be working. 🙃

6. Do something you enjoy


When it feels like the world is falling down all around you, the best therapy is often to simply distract yourself with a lighthearted read; a fashion magazine or…


A coffee table book.

Something that doesn’t require a huge amount of concentration for an already overburdened mind yet is interesting enough to divert all your attention away from nagging concerns. 

7. Pray


When all else fails at the time of an existential crisis, over which we have no real control, it can be very freeing to place our trust in something superior to the limitations of our mortal selves… God.


And, suddenly, a hopeless situation seems to be a little more… hopeful!

Until next time, my dear readers

Keep calm and stay safe 😷

💋 Mostly Mum

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