How to turn your Garden into a Holiday Resort for a Summer Staycation!


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Normally, at this time of year, I’m feeling pretty excited…

The summer holidays are just around the corner…

There is an end in sight to all the deadlines, commitments and school runs!

Six weeks of fun is on the horizon and…

I simply cannot wait!

But, this year has been (and continues to be) a year like no other! 😬

The Coronavirus crisis might appear to be abating with the loosening of certain lockdown restrictions.

However, if we are brave enough to tune into the daily news, we are constantly reminded that a second wave of lockdowns is just around the corner. 😱

While holidays abroad aren’t completely out of the question, many people appear to have put their summer plans on ice, at least for now. 😞

The only thing we can really be certain of is a continued sense of uncertainty as the seemingly endless list of daily dos and don’ts continues to grow and mutate at an alarming rate. 😮

So, if we want to play it safe, we have to resign ourselves to a summer staycation this year…

And if we really want to double down on all sense of risk, the only thing to do is not venture too far from home at all!

I know!

Thrilling for only the truly risk-averse!

Lately, though, I’ve been feeling the need to make the most of every situation…

A summer staycation it might be this year..

But it’s going to be one to remember…

And for all the right reasons!

Here’s how I plan to turn our back garden into a holiday resort… of sorts! 😉

1. Spruce up the play area


Ever since my twelve-year-old was a toddler, we’ve had a much-loved trampoline in our back garden.

Last year, at the (very loud!) request of my youngest, we added a slide…

And a playhouse! 😐


This year, with the Coronavirus in full swing, we decided to add a… cough… (excuse the pun!) swing into the mix.


This sweet wooden one was an Amazon find and only set me back around £10.

However, it is impossible to hang without the additional hanging straps which set me back another £12.99.

Rookie-error alert! 😐

The artificial cherry blossoms soften the whole look and are very much appreciated by my daughters…

Less so by my son!

But, who can please everyone?!

(Not me, obvs!) 😉

2. Bring the inside outside


Every staycation base needs an inside-outside zone!

Somewhere to put your feet up and chill…


Somewhere to feast…


Somewhere to sip a cool drink, sit back, relax and soak up some immune-boosting sun…🌴☀️

Mmmm! ☺️

3. Pick a perfect pool


Now, no summer retreat would be complete without a pool! 💦

Ideally, we would’ve had the real deal…

But, the hubby was not keen on having to have a major hole dug in our back garden!

Spoilsport! 😔

The next best option would have been to get the biggest overground pool we could find!

Not with an inquisitive toddler on the loose though!

(Too much of a safety hazard! 😬)


An Intex pool just a little bit bigger than a paddling pool it was then!

All three kids can stand up in it…


I can float about in it…


Well, for about five minutes, until someone decides to play the infernal ”splash Mummy” game! 😡

On the bright side, I’m now an expert in pool chemicals and hygiene!

(Thank you for the tutorials, YouTube! 😉)

4. Light up the night


Every summer resort needs a little ambient lighting for those balmy summer evenings!

You can never go wrong with solar powered string lights like those pictured above, a steal at £20 from Sainsbury’s! 😍

Or, these pretty firefly effect balloon lights, also from Sainsbury’s, which only cost around £5 each! ❤️❤️❤️


My only problem with outdoor lights is that I (much to the hubby’s dismay) never seem to have enough of them! 😬


Fairylight Addicts Anonymous here I come! 😉

So, there you have it, folks!

From run-of-the-mill garden to holiday resort (of sorts) in four simple steps! ☺️


Now, all I need is some summer sun and/or the pool heater I ordered from Amazon back in April to finally arrive! 😬

Here’s hoping that the random pink digital skipping rope that turned up at my door a couple of months ago wasn’t supposed to be it!🤞😱

As ever, I’ll keep you all posted, my dear readers!

Until next time,

Stay happy! ☺️

💋 Mostly Mum

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