3 Reasons This Blog Has Been On Ice!

After many months of silence, here is a little update on the status of this blog.

On and off, and for numerous reasons, I have considered abandoning it altogether.

Yet, I haven’t been able to pull the plug completely, simply because it still seems to be resonating with quite a few of you out there in the ethosphere.

My most recent blog hiatus is due, in large measure, to how we have been evolving as a society over the past couple of years.

In the blink of an eye, we have gone, at least in the Western world, from a relatively happy-go-lucky existence to… well…

Quite the opposite!

This most recent societal shift could have multiple blog posts, if not an entire stand-alone niche blog, dedicated to it.

However, I have not been able to fully embrace such a task for the three reasons outlined below, which all boil down to one overriding issue, the first point.

Sounds complicated?

Bear with me and all will be revealed as crystal clear!

(Well, I can only live in hope! 😬)

1. Censorship…

As some of you will be aware, my last blog post was dedicated to one of my favourite topics, dieting.

Just a few short years ago, such a post would not have caused so much as a ripple in the world at large.

How I, or indeed any of my subscribers, decide to nourish ourselves and maintain our health and well-being should be of no concern to those who do not happen to share the same interests.

Alas, our world is no longer so simple!

The keto diet – which was the focus of my last post 3 Reasons to Kick-start Summer with Keto – is now somewhat controversial in our new politically charged world.

Indeed, the concept of dieting, in general, is controversial in our newly forming society. 😮

So much so that our internet overlords do not allow bloggers to officially promote such “controversial” content on their platforms, which I find disturbing, and especially in the light of the latest health crisis we are all being forced to confront. 🤔

Now, if I were to wish to promote a blog post about something a little more politically palatable, like, ooh, let’s say plant-based diets, that would be a different story entirely.


2. Censorship…

Outside of the topic of diets, things are no less complicated for would-be bloggers and influencers.

Every hitherto innocuous concept – from fashion to art, from beauty to interior design – is fraught with the potential to provoke conflict with the online thought police.

Certain keywords are enough to trigger shadow bans which strictly limit the overall reach of digital content.

If such words were few and far between this issue might have little impact, but when that list is exponentially increasing daily, the one and only task of a content creator, to generate content, becomes a virtual minefield.

3. And Yet More Censorship!

Beyond issues with our online overlords, content also has the potential to create conflict with our real-life friends and family.

Since at least 2016, the Western world has been split down the middle on all sorts of seemingly unrelated issues. (Euphemism alert!)

Lifelong friends, family and acquaintances have been driven apart and divided on ideological grounds.

Even more concerning, these divisions are now being ramped up on a global scale.

History warns us that nothing good can ever result from such societal conflict.

And the solution?

I would implore anyone who happens to stumble upon this post (as it could well self-destruct at any moment 😉) to resist the extreme temptation to oversimplify and view the world in terms of black and white.

There are many, many shades of grey. The human condition is complex. An absolute one-size-fits-all formula does not apply.

They say that music has the power to speak to the soul and that is certainly the case with the latest uplifting release by one of my most recent, favourite discoveries, Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy.

Amid all the ideological conflict, the interminable doom and gloom, we need to be able to see through the mist and truly come together to create Better Days, not only for our own sake but also for the sake of the future of humanity. ❤️

If this post happens to resonate with you, please share it far and wide, because otherwise… you know… censorship!

Until next time,

Stay strong, my dear readers,

💋 Mostly Mum

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  1. While I can see what you mean. I personally think it’s great that we are becoming more informed. Naivety has it flaws.

    1. edelcurran says:

      Are we really becoming informed though if one side of the debate is suppressed?

  2. So sorry about all the censorship. That’s awful.

  3. whatdoesmammasay says:

    Unfortunately freedom is only an ilusion. Nowadays it seems that whatever you say, it will offend someone, somewhere. You simply can’t win. So, go ahead and say it anyway.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I hear you, being a blogger these days is a lot harder then it us to be. Seems like everyone comes after you for anything that bothers them.

  5. Vidya Tiru says:

    Totally know what you are saying.. It seems like anything we say might offend someone or the other .
    While I do know that is bound to happen, let us keep going forward, because for every someone who doesn’t like it, there is at least one someone who does (and is possibly helped by it)…

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